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Dipankar's family

We are deeply saddened by the untimely demise of Dipankar Sarkar. 

On Feb 4, around 6 PM Pacific, our dear friend Dipankar left us for a better place in heaven. He suffered a severe heart attack, and despite all efforts from the doctor and medical professionals at the Good Samaritan ER at Los Gatos, his heart never ringed back.

Dipankar was born and raised in Lucknow, in a railway colony. After high school, he joined IIT Kanpur to study Mechanical engineering. Following his graduation in 1987 and a stint at Godrej, Dipankar came to the US in 1992. Since then, he has been a Bay Area resident. Dipankar loved running and was very much an outdoor person.

Dipankar was painstakingly analytical, an avid problem solver, and a selfless individual with an amazing sense of humor. He was curious about everything he came across and never shied away from having an opinion.

Dipankar loved his friends. He would volunteer to cook or do something to make you happy at every possible opportunity. If someone was in trouble, he would jump in without any hesitation. He touched all of us with his soft and bright smile that lit up the room. He was one of the gentlest souls you will ever meet.

We all lost him too early. We will dearly miss a selfless friend, a loving father and a caring husband.

Dipankar is survived by his wife, son (22) and daughter (18). They need our emotional and financial support during this dark hour. Please join us to help them complete his unfinished journey. Please join us in celebrating Dipankar’s life and legacy.


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